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Texans have been singing the praises of their beloved Texas Hill Country for years and it’s not at all hard to see why. The splendid rolling hills hum with unique varieties of vegetation, spring-fed rivers, colorful culture, and some of the best barbecue in the country! Don’t even get us started on the fantastic real estate, diverse art and music offerings, and the abundance of fun activities. It comes as no surprise then that the Hill Country is a favorite getaway among Texans and out-of-state visitors alike.

The region sits upon the Edwards Plateau and stretches from Austin to San Antonio on the east and Concan to Junction on the west. It covers over 10,000 square miles of beautiful rolling hills, grasslands bathed in bluebonnets, expansive lakes, quaint cities and small towns, all of which offer visitors an adventure unlike any other. And we at heartily welcome you as you explore this magnificent blend of scenic landscapes and small-town charm. From helping you choose the best resorts, hotels, and homes to providing the latest information on the many things to see and do during your stay, we’ve got you covered on all things Hill Country related.

Explore the Unique Regions
of the Texas Hill Country

For a detailed Texas Hill Country map, click here, or on the map.

Hill Country Regions

  • Blanco River
  • Fredericksburg
  • Frio & Sabinal River
  • Highland Lakes
  • Llano & South Llano Rivers
  • Lower Guadalupe River & Canyon Lake
  • Pedernales River
  • San Marcos River
  • Upper Guadalupe & Medina Rivers

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The Perfect Getaway For a Weekend, a Month, or a Lifetime!

Thanks to its wide array of fun-filled activities, historical landmarks, and outdoor adventures, the Texas Hill Country offers something for everyone. Visitors looking to go on a road trip to escape the big city stress will find the natural and man-made attractions here equally appealing; couples looking to tie the knot or renew their vows couldn’t wish for a more romantic setting; families looking for a new place to call home are sure to be fascinated by the amazing real estate options that are available here at the Hill Country.

With 31 cities spread across the region, here’s a brief breakdown of what to expect at some of the best locations in the Hill Country:

Fredericksburg - Getaway to Shopping and Winery Explorations

Founded in 1846 by German immigrants, the historic city of Fredericksburg is home to over 50 wineries, all offering fantastic tastings and barrel room tours, while also boasting breathtaking views. Naturally, this is one of the best places in all of Texas to enjoy authentic German cuisine, which pairs quite nicely with the various wines. If you’d rather go on a shopping spree, head on down to Main Street, Fredericksburg’s shopping mecca that comprises more than 150 shops and boutiques, as well as several art galleries. In terms of rest and relaxation, Fredericksburg boasts numerous hotels, bed and breakfasts, and cabins that you can retire to after a relaxing spa session or a refreshing round of golf. Nearby Johnson City, Kerrville, Comfort, Blanco and Dripping Springs are also great destinations for exploring wineries in the Texas Hill Country.

Canyon Lake - Getaway to Water Recreational Activities

Located about 40 miles north of San Antonio, Canyon Lake holds the title of being the Water Recreation Capital of Texas. The beautiful, clear water lake itself is brimming with striped bass and other marine life, making it a favorite among the locals for fishing. Other activities here include kayaking, scuba diving, water skiing, parasailing, tubing, and boating. Any of these water fun escapades is sure to be one of the many highlights of your trip to the Hill Country. Canyon Lake’s proximity to the famous Guadalupe River means you also get to enjoy the beautiful scenery and spot the many wildlife species that reside around the arena such as white-tailed deer, roadrunners, and foxes. As a true outdoor adventure haven, Canyon Lake is surrounded by campgrounds, hotels, cottages, vacation rentals, and RV Parks. A par 72 golf course completes the features of what is sure to be an unforgettable trip.

Burnet - Getaway to Romantic Landscapes and Blooming Wildflowers

Aptly named the “Bluebonnet Capital of Texas,” the sprawling city of Burnet is just an hour away from Austin. It was founded in 1852 and is famous for its fields of brilliant bluebonnets, black-eyed Susans, Indian paintbrushes, and other indigenous wildflowers. Burnet hosts the annual Bluebonnet Festival which takes place every April and attracts over 30,000 people from all over the globe. There’s live music, parades, beautiful exhibits, arts and crafts vendors, contests, shopping, and of course lots of food. Burnet is also home to a number of parks, museums, and the famous Eagle Eye Observatory. Either way, expect to fall in love with the dazzling scenery and Instagram-worthy fields, any of which can form the perfect backdrop for photos with your loved ones.

Boerne, New Braunfels, and Kerrville - Getaways to Weddings and other Events

The Hill Country is one of the most breathtaking regions of the United States, so it naturally boasts some of the best wedding destinations in the country. The cities of Boerne, New Braunfels, and Kerrville hold a special place in the region as hosting the best places for weddings, reunions, anniversaries, and other notable events. These charming towns offer varieties of indoor and outdoor venues for celebrating your special day, as well as an abundance of lodging options, ranging from modest bed and breakfast lodges to full-on luxury hotels and resorts. After the event, explore the marvelous offerings of the Hill Country, whether on a historic walking tour, a scenic drive, or tubing along the Guadalupe River. These cities are also among the best places for a food trip where you can sample sumptuous cuisines both local and international to your heart’s content. In any case, visitors can look forward to having the time of their lives and create some lasting memories.

Marble Falls, Mason, San Marcos, and Wimberly - Getaways to Entertainment and Great Fun

Okay, so the Hill Country is one giant entertainment and fun-filled region, but these cities deserve special mention thanks to their diverse array of theaters, museums, clubs, golf courses, wineries, and many other recreational destinations. Plus, these areas are easy to access for weekend-long road trips. You can reach out to us here at for recommendations based on your preferences. As proud residents of the Hill Country, we’ll be happy to help you enjoy the best of our little slice of paradise and make the most of your stay.

What other cities are in the Texas Hill Country?

All in all, there are 31 cities in the Texas Hill Country and they all cater to just about every type of traveler. We’ve compiled information about them here in our Cities page to help you decide which areas to include in your itinerary.

The Texas Hill Country is also a Real Estate Wonderland

The natural beauty and laid-back nature of the Hill Country have inspired more than a few early retirements. As more and more visitors look to call this magnificent region home, we’ve partnered with leading realtors to help them find their dream homes. There’s no shortage of fantastic real estate options here at the Hill Country, whether it’s a simple vacation home, a spectacular riverside home, or even a sequestered cabin with a lake view. You can check out our Hill Country Real Estate Page to learn more.

When to go to the Texas Hill Country

One of the best things about the Hill Country is that you can actually visit any time of the year. However, if you’re looking to experience the area in all its splendor, consider planning your visit around early spring, between the months of March and April. The flowers are in bloom and there’s a general cheerfulness in the atmosphere following the chilly winter. can provide any necessary assistance in this regard. The low season is usually in late October through November so prices are generally at their lowest.

Where is the map of Texas Hill Country?

To make it easier we’ve mapped the Texas Hill Country into nine key regions based on the rivers flowing within them. This way, you can simply select what regions you’re interested in and learn more about their unique characteristics and attractions. You can also download the Texas Hill Country Map or visit our Maps page to get started.

Is the Texas Hill Country worth visiting?

Absolutely! Did you know that a whopping 7 million people visit the Texas hill country each year? Surely 7 million people can’t be wrong! But just in case you need more convincing, here are some reasons to consider:

The Hill Country boasts magnificent sweeping views that seem to go on and on farther than the eye can see. Its magical sunrises and sunsets are constant reminders that you’re in the perfect place.

There’s also a dazzling array of accommodation options here at the Hill Country; from luxury hotels and resorts to deluxe bed and breakfasts, and even to secluded cabins by the lake and vacation homes with splendid views of the countryside. You can plan your trips here safe in the knowledge that there’s a perfect place waiting for you, whether it’s a family vacation, a romantic getaway just for two, or a property in your name.

Don’t forget the mesmerizing dining, shopping, and evening entertainment experiences, as well as the flurry of places that will take you back in time. For those with a desire to move to the Hill Country the decision is made easier by the many choices available to suit any lifestyle. From expansive ranches and lots to real estate properties with spectacular views, the magnificent Texas Hill Country offers something for everyone.

The Hill Country’s 31 unique cities cover ten thousand square miles of unparalleled beauty…it’s bigger than ten states. That means you can explore the area on different occasions and experience something new each time.

New York has the Hamptons, Kentucky has the Bourbon Trail, and Texas has the Hill Country. Plan your amazing and unforgettable Hill Country getaway today! Whether you’re planning to visit the Hill Country for a weekend or stay here for the rest of your life, you can find everything you need at