A girl’s weekend in Concan, Texas

Just a bit over an hour far from San Antonio, you’ll be able to flee to a world that feels so different from the fast-paced town life. The pace is slower, to be sure, and therewith come a relax feeling in the air, a rhythm in the river, and a peace in your heart. the town is named Concan, and also the river is the Frio. If you’ve been, either to go to Garner State Park or one in every of the beautiful vacation rentals, you most likely have stories from the time you were little. It appears the area attracts folks back thereto each year, families with little ones growing up by the side of the water, teenagers learning to two-step at the annual Garner Dance, and campers finding their home away from home in the wilderness.

My bestie Tori invited myself and a couple of of our fellow blogger friends up to Concan a few weeks agone, and you may have seen our adventures with Vacation Frio river on Instastories. we tend to ford a river (never thought I’d say that on this blog), ate homemade Texas food, and hiked Garner State Park as much as we could. it was an incredible girls’ getaway, and that I continuously forget how much I would like those until they’re over. No kids, no husbands, simply ladies who get it and completely have your back in life. It’s such an energizing and stress-relieving time, and also the backdrop was excellent for unplugging and reconnecting with our true intentions during this crazy journey we tend to call life.

Truth be told, this was my first time to go to this area of Texas, and I was blown away with our accommodations. snuggled into the Frio riverbank, Porter’s treehouse is rustic, grand, and comfy all quickly. the large “big house” can sleep twenty-four or a lot of guests, and is a well-liked selection for family reunions and corporate retreats. If that’s a lot of folks than you could ever imagine coming up with a visit for, Axel’s Hideaway is correct on the property as well and features individual mini-suites with kitchenettes. good for couples or little families to still experience river access, shuttle service, and plenty of more concierge services without the commitment of the large house.

While staying in Concan, we tend to conjointly explore the culinary art, that led the U.S. to Neal’s eating room, a classic Texas diner fully with some killer biscuits and gravy and chicken deep-fried steak. we ate until we were stuffed, and carb-loaded to the last U.S. for months. one in every of our dinner excursions led the United States to The Laurel Tree, a real hidden gem in Utopia, Texas. The chef, Laurel Waters, studied at le cordon bleu in Paris and is merely open by reservation on Saturdays for lunch and dinner. If you would like to dine at the picturesque treehouse, you need to book months beforehand, and make sure to travel once the restaurant’s poppy fields are fully blooming!

Time spent in nature is perhaps the highlight of Concan, with Garner State Park and also the Frio river at your fingertips. Families float every summer down it’s winding path, or camp at Garner for a weekend of off the grid bliss. Cell service was nearly non-existent for me the whole weekend, which was quite nice to step away and luxuriate at the moment. I additionally admired getting to know my new blogger friends better, and it’s so refreshing to listen to we’re all handling the same highs and lows. Digital media and promoting are often pretty isolating fields observing a computer screen for the 80th of your day, so to sit down and speak face to face with women who will relate was essentially free therapy!

I hope to bring the ladies back very soon to Concan and the Frio stream, and I know Vacation Frio river is going to be my go-to resource for what to try and do and wherever to remain. The owner Donny is unbelievably helpful and kind, creating our visit seamless from start to end. He lives on the property, however, allows you to get pleasure from your privacy, thus it’s the right combination of attentive service but breaks loose reality.