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Region: Concan


A destination for summer vacationers

Concan sits along the Frio River close to Garner State Park. It is a popular destination for summer vacationers, and birdwatchers in the spring.

Concan was settled about 1840 in the rugged hills of north Uvalde County. Concan was supposedly named for “coon can,” a Mexican gambling game. It is on U.S. 83 in the scenic Frio River Canyon. There are numerous dude ranches, resort camps and other lodging opportunities.

Garner State Park – 1,420 acres on the Frio River, is an exceptionally scenic Hill Country area. It is a very popular family-oriented recreational park.

It features accommodations for 2 to 6 people in comfortable stone and timber cabins. The camping area provides shaded sites for tents, trailers and screened shelters. Rest rooms with showers are available. There is a grocery store for supplies.

Other facilities include a snack bar and restaurant in the summer season, pedal boats, and a miniature golf course. It also offers swimming, fishing, boating, hiking, and nature study.

It is located 10 miles north of Concan, off U.S. 83 on Park Rd. 29. There is an admission.

Scenic Drives You can explore the Frio River Canyon along U.S. 83, F.M. 1050 and Texas 127. All routes offer exceptional scenery.

Sunset Bat Flight One of the largest populations (estimated 17 million) of Mexican free-tailed bats emerge from a nearby Concan-cave and make their ascent into the evening sky. The cave is on F.M. 2690, 4.5 mi. from U.S. 83 and Texas 127 highways. Call 830-966-2320 for a guided tour and reservations (from Mar. through Oct.).

Hill Country Day Trippin’

There’s plenty of opportunities for day trips from the Concan area.

Enjoy a relaxing drive through the spectacular Texas Hill Country on wide-open roads lined with breath-taking flowers and trees. Relish views only available in the Hill Country. You’ll feel like you’re light years away from a crowded freeway…because you are.

And, you won’t have to pick up and move. No packing and unpacking. While based in Concan, you can stay as long as you want and experience an abundance of places to go and things to see and do.

Here are a couple of the possibilities:

From Concan to -

City/AttractionMilesApproximate Drive Time
Click Below for Directions
Leakey17 miles19 minDirections
Utopia23 miles27 minDirections
Vanderpool34 miles41 minDirections
Kerrville86 miles1 hr 24 minDirections
Hunt65 miles1 hr 13 minDirections
Fredericksburg106 miles1 hr 43 minDirections
Comfort101 miles1 hr 33 minDirections
Boerne81 miles1 hr 38 minDirections
Bandera57 miles1 hr 6 minDirections
Lost Maples State Natural Area59 miles1 hrDirections
Garner State Park9 miles10 minDirections
The Alamo (San Antonio)85 miles1 hr 30 minDirections
Sea World (San Antonio)76 miles1 hr 27 minDirections
River Walk (San Antonio)84 miles1 hr 28 minDirections
Hill Country State Natural Area51 miles1 hr 7 minDirections
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