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Region: Leakey



Leakey, (pronounced LAY-key) is in one of most scenic and picturesque areas of the rugged Edwards Plateau.

Elevations range from 1,500 to 2,400 feet with deep, dramatic canyons cut by the Frio River  and the Nueces River. Archaeological excavations show evidence of prehistoric civilizations in the Leakey area.

At the time of the first Spanish explorers, the game-rich Leakey area was inhabited by Comanche, Apache and Lipan-Apache Indians. Ranching predominates Leakey today, featuring cattle, sheep and goats. Flocks of registered Angora goats produce prized mohair.

Camping and hunting are popular with visitors. Game birds and animals include white-tailed deer, wild turkey, mourning dove, quail, squirrel, javelina, rabbits, and raccoons.

During the spring and summer, visitors here enjoy tubing the crystal clear waters of the Frio River. In the fall, the beautiful hues of red and gold of autumn leaves on the tree-covered Leakey hills is a great sight.

Garner State Park is 10 miles south of Leakey on U.S. 83.

The Real County Historical Museum includes historic items and articles that are displayed in period rooms depicting the history of the Real County area. There is an admission.

There are spectacular scenic drives. F.M. 337, both east and west, spans some of the most spectacular scenery in the Texas Hill Country, including wooded steeps and tiny secluded valleys. West to Camp Wood leads to river camps on the picturesque Nueces River. East to Vanderpool and north on F.M. 187 leads to the beautiful Lost Maples State Natural Area.

U.S. 83 north skirts the East Frio River. Twelve miles north, a roadside park offers spectacular views and picnic facilities. Texas 39 east, along the Guadalupe River to Ingram, Texas and Hunt, Texas is another picturesque route.

The Wildlife Art Museum features art of taxidermy, sculpture, paintings and carvings. It is on F.M. 337 in Leakey, 3 blocks east of U.S. 83.

Hill Country Day Trippin’

There’s plenty of opportunities for day trips from the Leakey area.Enjoy a relaxing drive through the spectacular Texas Hill Country on wide-open roads lined with breath-taking flowers and trees. Relish views only available in the Hill Country. You’ll feel like you’re light years away from a crowded freeway…because you are.And, you won’t have to pick up and move. No packing and unpacking. While based in Leakey, you can stay as long as you want and experience an abundance of places to go and things to see and do.Here are a couple of the possibilities:

From Leakey to -

City/AttractionMilesApproximate Drive TimeClick Below for Directions
Concan17 miles20 minDirections
Utopia24 miles28 minDirections
Vanderpool16 miles23 minDirections
Kerrville69 miles1 hr 55 minDirections
Hunt48 miles54 minDirections
Fredericksburg89 miles1 hr 24 minDirections
Luckenbach Texas99 miles1 hr 34 minDirections
Comfort83 miles1 hr 14 minDirections
Boerne99 miles1 hr 28 minDirections
Bandera50 miles1 hr 3 minDirections
Lost Maples State Natural Area42 miles41 minDirections
Garner State Park9 miles12 minDirections

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