Medina River

Flowing 116 miles through the scenic Texas Hill Country


Medina River is the Perfect Place to Cool Down and Be a Kid Again

The Medina River is one of the calmest rivers in the Texas Hill Country. It’s a perfect scene for a relaxing day out. Lined with beautiful bald cypress trees and clear waters, you and your family can cool down and enjoy tubing or kayaking while enjoying the amazing views of nature.

Generally peaceful, with very few prominent hazards, the Medina River can be enjoyed by almost anyone, including young children. For a safe and hassle-free trip, planning your access and exit points through its 120-mile course is recommended. The majority of the riverside land along the Medina River is private property, so make sure to plan your entry and exit only at public parks and road crossings.

Checking the water level is also a must, as both heavy rains and drought can cause safety issues such as fallen trees, logs or the water level getting too low for canoes. The ideal flow for river tubing is between 200-700 cfs. Anywhere around 100 cfs will cause a drag while anything beyond 700 will be too dangerous. Life vests, especially for children, are recommended as precaution.

There are a lot of companies that offer tube/kayak rentals, shuttle services, camping gears and even BBQ and refreshment trucks which are perfect after a long day of fun under the sun. The Medina River Company is one of the most trusted outfitters for all your river adventure needs – from floater rentals to arranging an overnight camp, so you don’t have to think about anything else other than enjoying the experience.

The best time to go to Medina River is from early spring to late June, as well as late September to November. However, paddling is always more fun and exciting after an adequate rainfall so always check the river flow before your trip.

The Medina River is in Bandera and Medina Counties in the Southwest Texas Hill Country, near Fredericksburg and Kerrville.