Soaring High for Flight and Freedom!

On this exceptional event, here you will witness a great chance in grasping a delightful moment in not restricting the birds back into the wild. Have a cool view in watching the birds soar through the sky and learn about the birds having themselves placed from the staff themselves in the rehabilitation center. It will be an awesome educational and photography opportunity. You will leave with a renewed gratitude for these birds. If you are lucky enough, you may have the chance of releasing a bird by winning a ticket. A percentage of every ticket goes on the way to these rehabilitation labors. The event usually lasts up to 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Watch with awe because the anxious sky hunter is far from its bonds and view its wings as it lifts into the sky all over again up to the speed of its destiny. If you are witnessing the come back of freedom for a once downed and captive bird or gliding through azure water whereas viewing the unshackled wild is not enough, traveling together with everybody on-board in the tour boat are a number of the organization’s unimaginable animal ambassadors like hawks, owls, or maybe a stunning eagle. This can be an uncommon and exciting feeling once in an exceedingly lifetime journey as this trip permits you to participate in wildlife conservation at ground zero.

Last Chance Forever is a non-profit organization that rescues birds of prey and together with Vanishing Texas River Cruise, partner to supply an awe-inspiring chance for a restricted variety of participants.

Thanks to unsteady water levels on Lake Buchanan and also the Highland Lakes River Chain, now and then we could also be forced to change or cancel cruises to accommodate the present level. We are going to build each plan to contact you if this becomes the case for the cruise you have set-aside.

“Our water levels for your time have their own rhythm and dance,” We’ve created cruises to suit most levels. Some cruises are solely accessible throughout certain water levels, i.e. The Blufton cruise is simply offered once our lake levels are extraordinarily low.