The next generation of U.S. Naval Aviation Warfighters in Canyon Lake

KINGSVILLE, Texas – A 2013 Canyon Lake highschool graduate and Canyon Lake, Texas, native is taking part during a rigorous coaching method that transforms officers into U.S.

Ensign Conor Martin is a student pilot with the “Golden Eagles” of coaching Squadron (VT) 22, primarily based in naval air base Kingsville, Texas.

A Navy student pilot is accountable for effectively flying naval aircraft and finishing tactical missions, whereas safely landing aircraft on each land and at sea.

“I enjoy getting to work with the best of the best and learning to operate some powerful equipment,” Martin aforementioned.

Martin credits success within the Navy to several of the teachings learned growing up in Canyon Lake.

“I had some great teachers that taught me to work hard and accomplish my goals,” Martin aforementioned.

The T-45C goshawk is a tandem-seat, jet trainer aircraft high-powered by a twin-spool non-afterburn jet engine with 5,527 pounds of thrust and speed of 645 mph.

VT-22’s primary mission is to coach future naval aviators to fly as well as instill leadership and officer values, Navy officers explained.

Students should complete several phases of flight coaching to graduate, together with aviation pre-flight indoctrination, primary flight coaching, and advanced flight coaching.

once with success finishing the rigorous program, military service aviators earn their coveted “Wings of Gold.”

After graduation, pilots continue their coaching to find out a way to fly a particular aircraft, like the Navy’s F/A-18 Hornet fighter attack jet craft or the F-35 Lightning joint they are later appointed to a ship or land-based squadron.

A key component of the Navy the nation desires is tied to the fact that America could be a maritime nation, and that the nation’s prosperity is tied to the over 70 % of the Earth’s surface is covered by water; eighty percent of the world’s population lives to get ready to coast, and ninety percent of all world Martin plays a vital role in America’s specialize in reconstructing military readiness, strengthening alliances and reforming business practices in support of the National Defense Strategy. “Our priorities center on people, capabilities, and processes, and will be achieved by our focus on speed, value, results and partnerships,” said Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer.

“Readiness, lethality and modernization are the requirements driving these priorities.”

Though there are a lot of ways for sailors to earn distinction in their command, community and career, Martin is most pleased with flying craft in formation.

“It was the culmination of our training block and it took a lot to get there,” Martin aforementioned.

Serving within the Navy is a continuing tradition of military service for Martin, who has military ties with members of the family who have antecedently served.

Martin is honored to hold on to the family tradition.

“Both of my grandfathers served during WWII,” Martin aforementioned.

“They are the reason I joined the Navy and I am proud to serve.”

Navy’s most relied-upon assets, Martin and different sailors apprehend they’re a part of a legacy that may last beyond their lifetimes providing the Navy and the state’s desires.

“Serving in the Navy means being able to do some good in the world and helping people on the way,” Martin said.